About Us

We are a design studio obsessed with awesome tattoo art, cool design and hot cars, designing unique custom car decals.

MOTORTATTS is the brainchild of Nathan Wellington, a veteran film producer and all-round lover of fine design, illustration and tattoo art. The idea came to him when he was stuck in traffic, sitting behind a people mover with nothing but a collection of family stickers staring back at him. Feeling the frustration mount, while Nathan pretended to pick off every family member of the family stickers with his invisible laser gun, he decided it was high time for something different. Something imaginative!

After months of searching around the globe, Nathan soon realized that there really was nothing else out there in the market to show off who you are by using your car and that’s when the bolt of lightning struck!  To merge his passion for cars, tattoo art and cool design.  Nathan formed MOTORTATTS a boutique design studio driven by awesome cars, awesome tattoo art and unreal design.

With that lightening bolt, Nathan got together a group of artists from around the globe and a local decal manufacturer, and from there the business of MOTORTATTS was born.

The ultimate in tattoo inspired, high quality decals for your car.

Based in a beautiful part of the world known as the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, we ship our products to the world.

Influenced by the local sun, surf and tattoo culture and love nothing more than to start our day with a hot latte and sand between our toes as we connect with our followers on our social media platforms.